"Ten years can grow into a big tree, and a hundred years can make a person mature." Xinhua Education Group adheres to the concept of "education is an important part of glorious career" and devotes itself to private education.
For more than 30 years, Xinhua Education Group has cultivated and delivered many practical and compound talents for the society to adapt to social and economic development. It has made positive contributions to the transfer of rural surplus labor, the reemployment training of laid-off workers, and the promotion of local economic development. Xinhua Education Group has successfully created a direct chain of vocational education, which has played a leading role in promoting the development of vocational education in our country, and has become a model of China's vocational education development model.
In the over 30 years of running schools, Xinhua Education Group has reduced or exempted poor students’ tuition fees and issued more than 10 million yuan in grants. Meanwhile, Xinhua Education Group preferentially selects hundreds of university graduates to work in enterprises every year. Xinhua Education Group has absorbed more than 1,000 laid-off workers and made full use of its national vocational training network to organize various forms of free training for laid-off workers in many provinces and cities across China, alleviating the problem of reemployment in the regions to a certain extent.
Over the years, Xinhua Education Group has donated more than 11 million yuan to the society through various channels around the "Glorious Career".
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