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In 2018, the 45th World Skills Competition's China Training Base was established in CEEG. CEEG won the title of In 2018, CEEG won the title of "2018 Baidu Education Industry Summit Brand Achievement Award" and "2018-2019 Chinese Influence Education Group".
In 2017, CEEG topped the list of Baidu brand digital assets. In the "Echo China" annual general review of evaluation by Tencent.com, it continued to be the influential education brand.
In 2016, at the Netherlands World Culinary Competition, CEEG won 1 group gold medal, 2 individual gold medals, and 2 silver medals.
In 2015, CEEG won the "2015 Well-known Vocational Education Brand" award, and Xu Shaobing, the executive vice president of the group, was awarded the "2015 Education Enterprise Influential Person".
In 2014, CEEG was awarded "China's Most Competitive Vocational Education Brand".