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China East Education Group was founded by 1988 in Hefei, China. It now has established 178 campus over 35 provinces in China, with total construction area of over 0.15 million square meters. It has average 50 thousand students on campus and more than 10 thousand employees.

CEEG successfully built seven vocational education brands which their education quality have won affirmations throughout the society, they are: Xinhua Internet Technology Education, New East Cuisine Education, Wontone Automotive Education, Omick Western Catering College, Cuisine Academy, Wisezone and On-mind Beauty Education.

With these influential brands, CEEG was granted many awards, such as "Chinese Brand Gold Spectrum Award - Top 10 brands of China's education industry of the year", "Successful Model of China's private education in 30 years of reform and opening up" and "China's Top 10 Brand Education Groups in 30 years of reform and opening up".

Over 30 years, CEEG keeps nurturing talents who are practical, composite, and suitable under current economic development environment for the society, making positive contributions to the transfer of rural surplus labor force, the re-employment training of laid-off workers, and the promotion of local economic development. Based on its rich experience and innovative spirit, CEEG successfully created direct chain vocational education operation model which now played a leading role in promoting the development of the industry in China.

With the rapid development of more than 30 years, CEEG is continuously researching and developing the essence of vocational education and keeping enhancing its education quality. CEEG has now cultivated many highly skilled professionals for the society and is highly approved and appraised over the society.