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Wu Wei


Master of Business Administration for Senior Executives of Tsinghua University, PhD candidate in Global Management of Tsinghua University, senior economist, Director of Anhui Economic Work Committee of China Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, Director of the Board of Directors of Beijing Foreign Studies University.   

Mr. Wu Wei founded CEEG in 1988. For more than 30 years, he successfully created seven vocational education brands which formed a multi-level and multi-professional school-running structure  covering the whole country, training more than one million skilled talents for the society, and making positive contributions to the development of vocational education in China.

Xu Shaobing


Vice President of China Restaurant Association, Special Vice President of China Cuisine Association, Vice President of International Education Branch of World Chinese Food Federation, "Global Chinese Education Leader", "Chinese Education Enterprise Leader", "World Chinese Food Culture Communication Award", "China Vocational Education Achievement Award", "China Vocational Education Outstanding Contribution Award for 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up" .

Sha Xu

Executive Deputy President

Senior expert in China's vocational education, "Advanced Individual in Vocational Education in Anhui Province", "IT Celebrity in Eastern China", "Celebrity in IT Education in China", "Leader of Chinese Education Enterprise", "China Internet +  Educational Celebrity", executive director of the Anhui Entrepreneur Federation, executive director of the Computer Users Association, deputy director of the editorial board of "Computer and Information Technology" magazine.

Tang Kun

Vice President

Mr. Tang Kun has been committed to China's vocational education industry for many years. With his systematic education and teaching research and rich management experience, he has laid a solid foundation in the field of vocational education.  He makes an important contribution to the development of modern vocational education teaching mode.