With love to help students, we are always on the way!

Yong Chung Dawa visited the school

In May 2018, led by Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Chengdu New East Cuisine College was designated by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to join Ganzi Prefecture in the employment and poverty alleviation work in 45 deeply impoverished counties in Daliang mountain and Xiaoliang mountain Yi District to carried out "one-to-one" technical assistance work and achieved practical results.

On August 14, 2018, as a recipient of “one-to-one” skill assistance from Chengdu New East Cuisine College, Yong Chung Dawa finally realized his wish as a chef and officially started the journey of learning cooking skills.
Principal Xu of Chengdu New East Cuisine College stated that the school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "prospering education, serving the country, and giving back to the society", and will continue to pass on various love activities such as helping poor students to receive a good education.