CEEG went to Dafang County, Guizhou Province to conduct research on targeted poverty alleviation work

At the symposium, Niu Liwen praised the achievements of Dafang County's poverty alleviation work. He pointed out that various institutions and enterprises need to actively implement the spirit of the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi jinPing on the work of the Bijie Pilot Area and do a good job of helping the towns and villages. Do a good job in poverty alleviation through education, medical care, and industry.

Wang Jun, vice president of CEEG, said that the group has always adhered to the concept of “prospering education, serving the country, and giving back to the society”. Over the years, it has been using scientific and effective means to implement precise identification, precise assistance, and precise management of poverty alleviation targets, and help poor household’s self-reliance with technical support to get rid of poverty and achieve a well-off life.
During the investigation, CEEG’s Vice President Wang Jun and leaders of various school branches in Guizhou actively communicated with the members of the research team. CEEG will also provide further assistance in education, food industry and migrant worker training in Dafang County, Guizhou, to promote the poverty alleviation work in a solid manner.