Don't let poverty fetter your dreams
Opening ceremony site

     新东方烹饪教育“同心携手 为梦献爱”新起点筑梦公益行动全面启动!记者在安徽新东方烹饪专修学院职教城校区现场报道全国联动启动仪式。

New East Cuisine Education's "Joint Hands and Love for Dreams" new starting point for the public welfare action of building dreams is fully launched! The reporter reported the launching ceremony of the nationwide linkage on the spot on the Vocational Education City campus of Anhui New East Cuisine College.

Enterprise generously donated
Student representative Xu Jinxia said affectionately: "We are very lucky to be admitted. However, there are still many students with difficulties who are still lingering outside the school gate. Therefore, I sincerely call on everyone to lend a helping hand and help every student to have a good future!"

Dedicating love to children's dreams

Teacher representative Shi Lingling thanked the teachers, students and the leaders of various business units who have dedicated their love , "Poverty may kill excellence. Today, I am very proud  to be able to give love through Tencent's charity platform. Here, I call for more People who are willing to join the love activities to help more children."

CEEG and the China Social Welfare Foundation jointly launched the "New Starting Point for Dream-Building Public Welfare" project. All the funds raised will go to the China Social Welfare Foundation's account and will be used to donate to nearly 1,000 poor, unemployed and job-awaiting youths. We also call for more social caring people to participate and help more aspiring young people realize their dreams!