Cultivate rural e-commerce talents to boost rural economic revitalization

Group photo of leaders participating in the seminar

2018 is the first year for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. In response to the country’s call to implement the rural revitalization strategy and accelerate the promotion of the "Internet + Agriculture" development concept, on July 12, the licensing ceremony of Rural E-commerce and  Rural Revitalization Plan Seminar and the 1st Batch of Rural E-commerce Talent Training Bases, which was sponsored by the Rural E-commerce Working Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association and undertaken by CEEG, was grandly held in Beijing Xinhua Internet Technology College.

Sha Xu, Executive Deputy President of CEEG, accepts CCTV interview

Zhang Huisheng, Chairman of the China Electronic Commerce Association,  Professor Liu Ying, Deputy Director of the Chinese Business Research Center of Tsinghua University,  Luo Zhendong, Deputy Director and Deputy Professor of the Regional Planning Research Center of Nanjing University,  Sun Zhichao, Director of the Rural E-commerce Working Committee of the China Electronic Commerce Association,  Luo Yunsheng, Secretary-General of the China County City E-commerce Incubation Alliance,  Sha Xu, Executive Vice President of CEEG, and other leaders of many vocational colleges across the country attended this seminar.

Mr. Sha Xu said that in order to actively respond to the country’s call for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and accelerate the promotion of the concept of "Internet + agriculture" integrated development, Xinhua Internet Education and its colleges across the country have continuously upgraded their e-commerce majors in recent years and are actively studying rural e-commerce characteristics and the approaches and methods of talent support services.

In the future, using the Group’s 30-year successful experience in cultivating Internet talents, and relying on favorable resources, Xinhua Internet will use a more professional e-commerce curriculum system, practical training teaching mode, and cooperating with more well-known e-commerce platforms to contribute to the rural e-commerce business development and import more outstanding talents to help revitalize rural talents.

Licensing ceremony

At this seminar, CEEG was awarded the qualification of "Rural E-commerce Training Base". Xinhua is currently the 1st vocational colleges in China to receive the honorary title of this base. In the future, CEEG will actively respond to the national rural revitalization developing strategy and negotiate with the local government to carry out professional e-commerce poverty alleviation projects and the training of related e-commerce talents.

The holding of this seminar opened new ideas for rural e-commerce poverty alleviation and e-commerce talents training. CEEG actively explores innovative talents training paths and models, provides compound dual-innovation talents for the development of rural e-commerce, and promotes rural revitalization strategies.