"Magic School" on the Bite of the Tongue——Xinhua News Agency "China Famous Brand" Enters New East Cuisine

Society is the touchstone of graduates. Keeping up with the needs of society and cultivating adaptive talents has become an effective practice in Beijing New East Cuisine School in recent years.

In order to seamlessly connect the course practice and social practice, the school provides students with various forms of practice venues, including modern operation halls, training bases, etc., and most of them are modeled after restaurants, hotel rooms, and kitchens in real society. At the same time, the school vigorously strengthens the use of new media tools, so that students will be immersed in learning and master more real skills.


Beijing New East Cuisine School will often launch some new cooking courses. Before launching some new class, the school will send commissioners to conduct market researches to observe the new classes and their popularity among consumer groups.

 In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to healthy diet. Topics such as nutrition matching and food safety have been widely concerned by the society, and the industry has an increasing demand for professional nutritionists. For this reason, Beijing  New  East Cuisine School has specially opened the nutrition diet major.

In the last few years, Beijing New East Cuisine School has also opened some Internet-famous courses, for example, teaching students to make dirty chocolate bread, new-style tea drinks, juice drinks and other popular new gourmet foods in the market.

There are not only students who are about to enter society and get jobs, but also a lot of food lovers who go to Beijing New East Cuisine School to study. To this end, the school also offers some private customized courses. Food lovers can choose courses according to their own preferences, carry out combined learning, and practice good cooking skills.

In Beijing New East Cuisine School, learning cooking skills and related professional knowledge is the main task of students, but not the only task.
Fang Shijun, head of the Foreign Cooperation Department of Beijing New East Cuisine School, told reporters that on the basis of meeting technical standards, the school pays great attention to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities: In class, teachers repeatedly emphasized to students the significance of saving food and In the classroom, the teachers repeatedly emphasized to the students the meaning of saving food and which cooking links the food materials can be effectively saved after being improved; in addition to regular school time, Beijing New East Cuisine School often organizes students to partner hotels, restaurants, and factories to visit the food cooking process, the kitchen environment, learn the chefs’ cooking skills and working styles, and learn customer feedback etc. Staff in partner hotels, restaurants, and factories also visit schools regularly to conduct face-to-face training for students. Through the combination of work and study, students can quickly integrate into society when they are employed, adapt to their positions, and complete their work tasks well.
To further consolidate the comprehensive ability of students, Beijing New East Cuisine School is not only cultivating students' cooking skills, but also cultivating students to do things with heart. "We hope that the students will know that customers are not only here for a meal, but have warm memories on the dinner table." Fang Shijun said.
After many years of accumulation, Beijing New East Cuisine School has summed up more ways of educating people, which is also the way of long-term development of the school brand. "32 years of development, 32 years of precipitation. We not only hope to train students in skills, but also hope to educate them in culture. This is the quality that applied skilled talents should have." said Pan Yaocai, principal of Beijing New East Cuisine School.

Note: The author of this article is Yang Yang, a reporter from "China Top Brands" magazine.