Leaders from the Ministry of Veterans Affairs visited China East Education Group

Group photo of leaders

On September 14, Xu Hangyu, deputy director of the General Office of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Yuan Baoquan, a first-level investigator of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Division of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, and Zhang Yun, deputy director of the General Office Supervision Division, paid visit to CEEG. Leaders from Anhui Provincial government such as Sun Bangping and Cai Yuanhe along with Wang Jun, vice president of CEEG, and Mao Chaosheng, secretary of the board of directors of CEEG, accompanied the visit and attended the discussion conference.

Leaders visited three colleges in Anhui under CEEG

The leaders visited Anhui Xinhua Technical School, Anhui New East Cuisine Advanced Technical School and Anhui Wontone Advanced Technical School under China East Education Group, carefully visited training classrooms, checked students' works, and learned about majors settings, teaching teams building, employment and entrepreneurship of students of each college in details.

Forum scene

Mao Chaosheng, Secretary of the Board of China East Education Group, introduced the situation of the group

During the discussion, Mao Chaosheng introduced the overall development of CEEG and the vocational skills training of veterans.

Cai Yuanhe, Director of Employment and Entrepreneurship Division, Department of Veterans Affairs of Anhui Province

Cai Yuanhe fully affirmed China East Education Group's contribution to the training of veterans and hoped that CEEG will continue to provide high-quality training in the future, continue to support the employment of veterans, and become a service and guarantee organization for veterans to achieve high-skilled and high-quality employment.

Yuan Baoquan, First-level Investigator, Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Division, Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Yuan Baoquan said that China East Education Group has a nationwide employment network and hopes that CEEG can make full use of this advantage to pair up with the western region to help and support better employment for veterans in the western region.

Sun Bangping, Deputy Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs of Anhui Province

Sun Bangping said that China East Education Group adheres to market orientation and has set up a five-fold guarantee system for the employment of veterans, which is highly compatible with the government's employment and placement of veterans, and there is a lot of room for cooperation between the government and enterprises like CEEG. At the same time, he recommended that China East Education Group create special classes for veterans and provide precise skills training and employment placement services.

Xu Hangyu, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Xu Hangyu recognized China East Education Group's education strength and quality, and pointed out that the group already possesses the various qualifications required to become a training base for retired military personnel in Anhui Province and even the country, and the two parties will seek closer cooperation in the future. It is hoped that China East Education Group will tailor a more refined and personalized training model based on the characteristics of veterans, and provide a full-cycle, full-chain employment and entrepreneurship guaranteed service.

Wang Jun, Vice President of China East  Education Group

Wang Jun said that China East Education Group must fulfill its mission, implement the training of veterans into teaching and daily work, and actively respond to the state's call to help key populations, and take the achievement of high-quality employment as the fundamental guidance of running a school, living up to the trust of the country and society.

For more than 30 years, China East Education Group has been steadily advancing the vocational skills training for retired military personnel based on the employment environment of various regions and combining its own advantages in running schools. At present, 21 colleges of CEEG have been assessed as designated training bases for veterans' vocational skills. Each training academy has self-established a "Retired Serviceman Information Database" to set up a file for each student and follow up the entire service process of training, recommendation, and employment. The Admissions and Employment Office actively mobilizes the group's more than 30,000 school-enterprise cooperation resources, and prioritizes providing high-quality cooperative enterprises and positions with higher technical content, better job benefits, and greater development space for retired military students to help retired military personnel improve their professional skills, broaden the channels for employment and entrepreneurship, and take a key step towards job transition, career transition, and life transition. In the next step, CEEG will continue to guide and help veterans to actively participate in the practice of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". According to changes in employment needs, the group will increase training programs accordingly, and build each training base into a service platform that provides employment guidance, entrepreneurial assistance, policy advocacy, and continuous mutual assistance for veterans under the new situation. This platform will become a service guarantee organization for the majority of veterans to achieve high-skill, high-efficiency, and high-quality employment.