“Keep original heart, build teacher’s soul”, the 2020 CEEG Teacher’s Festival event was successfully held

Opening ceremony

10th of Sep 2020 was the 36th Teacher’s Festival of China. As one of the inherited traditions, CEEG held the ceremony event named “Keep original heart, build teacher’s soul” to appreciate efforts and contributions made together by teachers and employees of CEEG.

Xu Shaobing, President of CEEG, is making condolence speech

During the speech of condolence, the president of CEEG, Mr. Xu Shaobing stated that “2020 is a tough and calamitous year. In the anti-virus campaign, Chinese people made great sacrifices, and achieved terrific contributions. So did CEEG! Although campus was closed, we explored online teaching channel and received significant results. We must keep implementing our spirits of “love and responsibility”, promoting craftsman spirits and carrying on the way of pragmatism, to enhance the education quality and cultivate more and more skilled talents.

Group leaders present flowers to outstanding teacher representatives

Group photo of outstanding teachers

Representatives of prominent teachers were granted flowers and blesses by leader board of CEEG. It is their dedication and commitment which enlightens the path of future of our students.

At the event site, all staffs made sacred oath:

I am an educator.
I educate for our society and country.
I am loyal to CEEG.
Stick to “love and responsibility” and carry on pragmatism.
Working with diligence and cultivating with preciseness.
Nurturing with morality and Strengthening (nation) with education.
Fight for “do the best education in the world”!
Fight for cultivating talents with craftsman spirit!

Sha Xu, vice president of CEEG, announced the opening of Teachers' Festival sports meeting

After the speech made by representatives of prominent teachers, Mr. Sha Xu, the executive deputy president of CEEG, announced that “2020 CEEG Teacher’s Festival theme event——Teacher sports game officially starts!”

At present, the construction of skilled personnel team is in a critical period of accelerated development. Vocational education teachers are the inheritors of vocational skills and craftsman spirit, and the guide for the growth of young students. CEEG will thoroughly implement the directive spirit of Xi Jinping on skilled talents’ work, with social needs as the guide and skill education as the foundation, serve the high quality development of social economy.